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If you can't find the answer to your questions on this page, you can send us a message via the button below.



Q - What should I bring/do before the event?

  • Note pad: So you can take notes/draw out examples.

  • Casual clothes: For the day time.

  • Smart casual clothes: To wear during the night. Can consist of a t-shirt with a blazer and smart black jeans (not baggy) or smart trousers.

  • Trim scruffy hair and facial hair: Sure you can still be successful looking messy, but if you don’t have to, why ruin your chances? Trim your hair, unless you have long cool hair like Mystery :)

  • Some cash: If you want to get food or drink in a place that doesn’t accept card. In some cases you might have to pay for entry to clubs. Usually, however, we are on the guest list and get in free.

  • Condoms: We like to play safe and keep everyone happy.

Q - How much spending money do I bring?

$50-$100 dollars a day will be plenty, some days we will spend nothing. It’s all subject to what we are doing on the day and where we are.

Q - Can I drink alcohol on a program?

We would prefer you didn’t drink, but you can have the odd one or two throughout the night when you join a table of girls or bring girls to our table.

Q - Does your material work on anyone from any nationality?

We’ve run hundred's of bootcamps in over 80 cities, and we have yet to find a place in which our methods don’t work.

Q - Is my name confidential when I attend the program?

Yes everything is 100% confidential, your name, email and all other credentials are not and will not be shared with anyone.

Q - What happens if I want I want a refund?

We have a refund policy. To be applicable you must attend the whole bootcamp and follow all of the coaches instructions, don’t worry none of it is illegal.

Q - What happens If I can't attend the bootcamp or I need to reschedule?

Give us a call, hopefully with enough forewarning we can reschedule you. However, sadly we can’t give you a money back guarantee.

Q - Can we ask questions on any topic during the Q&A session of the bootcamp?

Yes, totally. As long as its legal and ethical, we are happy to answer your questions until you’ve got an answer you're happy with.

Q - What sort of payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by bank transfer, paypal or cash. We can provide you with a written or emailed receipt.

Q - Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can. However its subject to course, discretion and evaluation. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us.

Q - What lodging should I arrange for my program?

You must book/arrange your own accomodation. We will always be staying in the heart of the action, but feel free to ask us about the area if you need to. Event information will be provided in advance of start date.



Q - What is the Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle?

The Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle is a collection of select seminar videos taken from our live events over the course of 10 years. The video collection is spread across three volumes.

Q - Where can I learn more about The Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle?

Click here to learn more about the bundle. You can also sign up using the link.

Q - How do I purchase it?

The Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle is available to purchase through The Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle page. Over there you will find a list of purchasable options, which range from Bronze to Platinum.

Q - How do I access The Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle?

Once you have purchased, you can use the available link and stream the videos wherever you have access to a browser and a constant internet connection. You will make an account with your own login details, which you will use to access the bundle. The bundle can be streamed from your computer, your mobile phone or a tablet. 

Q - How topics does The Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle cover?

Some of the topics are: 

  • The Theory of Pick-up

  • The Phases and what they are (and how to meet the objectives of each phase)

  • Material to fill in the phases

  • Gambits designed for specific purposes (such as DHV spikes)

  • Openers to help you open sets

  • Routines, which are an essential tool for any new Pick-up Artist

And much more.

Q - What teachings are available in The Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle?

You will learn Mystery's M3 model, The Beckster Lifestyle Techniques and the brand new Mystery 2.0

Q - What are The 5 Levels of Game?

The 5 levels of game is a free video, which you get upon signing up. It features Mystery and Beckster, as they explain what The 5 Levels of Game are. It is a free 40+ minute video which you get free to stream upon signing up. 

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