The Beckster Lifestyle's Residential is a 5 day, 50+ hour intensive attraction acceleration package which will provide you with theoretical and practical training in the areas of dating, attraction and seduction.


You will receive the tips, advice, tweaks, skills, tools and techniques that will enable you to become your most social, confident, attractive and seductive self.


Furthermore, we will do all this not through superficial means but through the enhancement of that which you already have – even if don’t realise what it is that you actually do have.


We teach the Lifestyle Residential over a 50 hour, five day continuous or non-continuous period with each day being split between day time and night time attraction training.



These aspects are then further divided into theoretical and in-field sessions with the majority of your training taking place in the walkways, coffee houses, shopping malls, museums, galleries, bars and nightclubs.

During the course you will still receive the same foundation information as on the Bootcamp, which if practiced is all you need to interact with and spark attraction with those who you desire. But in addition, the extra hours give you much more practice time with your professional instructors and coaches on-hand. Their continuous real-world feedback will help you to easily get over any new sticking points and to quickly perfect those newly learned skills of yours.

The overriding system we teach is a mixture of Beckster's ‘Supernatural Game’ and Mystery Method 2.0, resulting in a method that seamlessly combines the beliefs and mindset of the natural seducer with the learned techniques of the so called ‘pick-up artist’. It’s a very fluid method that Beckster and Mystery have developed and perfected over their 25 year journeys, and one which they have taught successfully on countless occasions to clients from many different backgrounds and starting points.

Bonuses if you purchase the London Residential:

  • Private WhatsApp Group (worth £1,500)

  • Refer a friend and you both will get 25% OFF.