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Our boot camps include interactive seminars hosted by Beckster and the team, nightgame direction and practice in high end London venues, day game in central London locations, both with realitime feedback and advice. Our boot camps are run in small groups with multiple trainers so there are plenty of opportunities for questions and tailored advice.

Book a Residential

An intense submersion into seduction, our residential courses will help transform you in a week. Learn the newest techniques along with some of our closely guarded secrets which you will practice under the direction of our best instructors in a variety of high end venues. Benefit from talks and workshops unavaliable in other programmes and heavily discounted refresher courses.

Book a one-to-one

Choose to have one to one training with Beckster himself or one of our highly skilled instructors. Tailored entirely to you, individual programmes give you the undivided attention of our instructors making your experience even more discrete and personal.

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