Beckster has been at the forefront of the Europes Seduction Industry since 1997. That’s a whopping 20+ years of experience, in which Beckster has discovered perfected and taught some of the most effective techniques in the industry.

It’s no secret, Beckster is one of the best dating coaches out there. Along with his friend and fellow wingman, Mystery, he has taught thousands of students the skills he has aquired over the years. Beckster not only teaches dating, but also helps guys improve all aspects of their life, thus the name The Beckster Lifestyle.

He’s devoted and passionate about his craft, aiming to help each student to the best of his ability. He’s known for going the extra mile to get clients the results they deserve.



A bootcamp is a 3-5 day course designed specifically to get results fast. Each night you will go out with Beckster, learn the skills you need to get better, test them out there in the field and get feedback until you've mastered them.

We can guarantee that, whoever you are and whatever skill level you start with, by the time you're done with the bootcamp you'll be monumentally better at attracting women.


A 7 day and night intensive crashcourse that's personally tailored to your needs. This course will provide you all the skills you'll ever need to succeed in your dating life.

Not only will you perfect the fundementals and advance your techniques, you'll also get the chance to master the skills that matter to you the most. Do you prefer to meet women during the day or night? At festivals or in the street? Whatever your preferences are, as long as they are legal, we'll teach you how.

Online Mentoring

Have you ever wanted to be taught by a dating professional 1-on-1? Our mentoring program allows you to choose from a range of instructors all over the world, including Beckster.
Each coach has their own unique personality and style, so that you can find the instructor thats right for you, wherever you are, and whatever you need.

Elite Evolve Coaching Programme

Wether you want to become a dating coach or take your skills to the dating coach level, EECP is the course for you. The EECP will give you all the knowledge and practice you'll need to become as good as Beckster.

You'll learn all the instructors techniques, secrets and skills throughout a range of modules covering everything there is to know on dating,coaching and lifestyle. By the end of this course you too will be a certified dating coach.

Online Courses

Receive coaching from the world-renowned dating coach, Beckster, from the comfort of your own home. If you do not have the time or money to fly out and attend a bootcamp, don't worry.

With our upcoming online courses, clients with less time, money or confidence will be able to learn the skills they need, to get on the path to improving their dating lives.

Other Services

We offer 3 other services that are aimed at revolutionizing your nights out.

Wing Man and Wing girls are services that provide customers with the people they need to help them attain their dating goals. Wether you need someone to look after a girls friend or your just looking to spice dating up a bit, Wing girls and men can help you make it happen.

London VIP, is a specialty tailored hire service for nights out. Call us, tell us what you need, we will hire everything just the way you want it. No hassle. Whatever it is, wing girls, limos, party buses or tables, we can get it arranged, so you don’t have to.

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Headquarters: London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Barcelona, Lisbon (Portugal)

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