As you can see Beckster has had rave reviews and testimonials dating way-way back from when a lot of the Pickup movement started. Now being on his 22nd Year in the Game or the Life as he calls it Beckster is going stronger than ever.

It even seemed at one point that things are changing faster than I can learn how to deal with it, but after John made me step back and calm down I began to see things differently and the night took a remarkable turn towards great things.

Having sarged with Beckster for the past several months, I attest that he is the best I have seen! On a bad day and with a #### headache he’ll get 3 numbers that will convert to f-close’s or a 3 kiss close’s or whatever.

Lord MegaLondon

Once we finished in the bar, I and a fellow student and Joe went out to a club in central London. This was great, I got to see Joe in action and I learned how girls can be horrible and how Joe can just ignore that and carry on like there is no tomorrow. I got to see how Joe can spike emotions just to make a girl feel everything in the space of 2 minutes just like he had taught earlier.
What a legend.


I am indebted to Beckster really who without his input I would probably be making my usual mistakes. His unique insight and knowledge and tailored coaching was invaluable to me.


Later that night in her hotel room I asked why she had come over to me at the bar, and she said my style. As a pick-up instructor, I know how rare it is for a girl to approach a guy, so I can say hand-on-heart that Candice’s transformation was worth every penny. She knows what she’s talking about.

Tom Torero, (Pick-up instructor)London

Jon really took the time to talk to me, not just about pick up, but about life and my self-esteem on the whole. He spent several hours outside of the boot camp hours helping me, something which I really appreciated as it demonstrated his level of commitment to seeing me improve my confidence with women and in general.


Beckster is a great guy to learn from, Especially with Super Natural game, It’s much better to be natural rather than following pickup lines and nonstop routines throughout your set. Now I think to myself why most girls would never get back in touch as all I was doing was being someone else, I was never being genuine and natural. But now I’m Super Natural, I use some routines but I’m not somebody else whilst doing it, I have learned how to control the 2 and be more natural during game.


The Bootcamp was an eye-opening experience and even though I’m still working on my game, there’s been some drastic improvements. Meeting up with a couple of girls who I met on the boot camp. Earlier one night out, I managed my personal best of 6 number closes in an hour, using the same routines! The results speak for themselves.

T DubeLondon

Beckster Seduction is definitely something that will change your life. I am fairly new to the game and Beckster Seduction was the first Bootcamp I have ever attended and for me, it has been a life-changing experience. The great thing about Beckster Seduction for me is firstly not once did I feel like a student, Meaning I did not feel like I was being told what to do and how to do it. It felt more of a friend to friend chat giving advice not like a school teacher telling me what to do.


The great thing was that every time I opened a set and failed or even was successful Beckster and Jon both gave me good advice on what I could have done differently.


I’ve spent a lot of time with John and can safely say that this PUA most definitely knows what he’s talking about.