As you can see Beckster has had rave reviews and testimonials dating way-way back from when a lot of the Pickup movement started. Now being on his 22nd Year in the Game or the Life as he calls it Beckster is going stronger than ever.

The first girl Beckster asked me to open on my first 1 on 1 with him was a six-foot super hottie. I was in such a positive mood from Beckster’s talk she blew open and I spent the next 24 hours with her! Definitely, something I want to repeat!

Thank you Mystery & Beckster it was the advice and new stuff with the masters this really is priceless. Thanks.

L. RodriguesBrazil

Highly recommended, Mystery and Beckster are super personal and you can learn so much from them 🙂


I started the night nervous. All the information and tips Beckster had given me seemed to be bouncing around my head, confusing me before my big test of going infield. We entered the venue. Sensing my discomfort, Beckster tapped me on the shoulder and ran through some last-minute openers. He ended the pep talk with a final, vital reminder to not let my head get in my way. Pointing at a couple of girls, “Go” he whispered. Off I went, trying my best to stay calm. To my surprised I opened the couple (2 set) smooth as silk. Armed with my newfound confidence, I floated round the room chatting to as many girls as Beckster could point at! I have to say the difference it made to have Beckster guiding me was insane. I honestly couldn’t recommend him any higher. If you’re thinking about meeting Beckster for some help, do yourself a favour and get it booked!


My confidence went from 0 – 100 % in the space of an hour. I managed to open 4 different amazing fit girls and number closed every single one of them. 2 of which I am meeting again for a date. Jon also taught us about instant day date. Picking a girl up and going for a coffee the same day, right there and then. I seriously thank Jon for the way he helped me build up my confidence.


Those who have seen Beckster game a set–I mean a real set worthy of gaming–will understand: Beckster had come alive! And, I could see the effect it was having on the Hot Babes. I wanted to witness this, so I could understand it,
dissect it, and apply some of it to my own game.

Ceroc Dancer MartinLondon

Candice was Amazing, from the very moment I met her it was like meeting an old friend.


Joe Spark talked about the attitude you should have for confidence, mindset and beyond … in short, how to get a rock solid attitude. A rather new piece for me but for whoever would attend this Bootcamp this is a part that I highly recommend you focus on.


The next day we were instructed by Jon for Daygame. Now before I get into this… I am the most unconfident guy known to womankind. I can not go up to a girl during the day and try and seduce her. That is just not possible for me…
Well, guess what, it is now.


Beckster told me what was probably the best technique I heard all weekend.. about how to enter a group of dancing girls and isolate right off the bat… simple but effective… I tried it later in the night and it worked like a charm.

Slartibartfast (Richard)London

I knew he was a great PUA before we met but that doesn’t necessarily mean the 1on1 will be any good. Well… Beckster is an awesome teacher as well. He explains everything with enthusiasm and encourages you to ask loads of questions which he answers well. He knows his shit and can teach it.