Here is a negative review that Beckster got, and you will find that it actually changed into a positive one when you read through the reddit link.

The good Mystery is really impressive and I definitively learned a lot from him. I will write down the details down there. Even better news is that all the knowledge is available online, so you don’t need to do a BC if you don’t want to, more on that later.

The bad The other instructors were just useless, I spare you the names, only mention Beckster because he is supposed to be a MPUA with 10+ years of experience. I didn’t see him doing any sets so I cannot comment. But based on the fact that he speaks broken english I certainly wasn’t impressed.

The scam The last day(Sunday) was a special “bolt on” where you had to pay an additional £600 GBP to learn “stripper and hired guns” game. We were told that in the night we would go to bars and pickup bartenders and hired guns and do bar hopping. When the night came, to my surprise we went to exactly the same club as the night before and all that Mystery and Beckster did was to push us into sets and without doing any sarging themselves. I felt cheated and complained to Beckster but he refused to give me my money back.