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Las Vegas Mystery 2.0 & Beckster SNG Masterclass: Bootcamp, Residential or Seminar only - 26th Feb/28th Feb to 1st Mar 2020 - (VAT added at the end of purchase)



Mystery & I have travelled the world for over 10 years teaching in over 80 cities over 200 events to create a super-effective method. We have called that Mystery 2.0 and that have now 5 Keys to PUA & also we have the 5 levels of Game and we will be able to go over all that with you in great detail, while you live with us or nearby us. live and breath this game in the most immersive PUA & lifestyle event.

What’s the difference between a Master Bootcamp and a residential? Double the amount of time, meaning we have to go double if not deeper into your training by not only getting through the first Volume of Game but also with the new and far, far more improved Mystery 2.0, with an updated, upgraded, way more effective game, compared to the decades-old Mystery Method which a lot of companies out there are still trying to copy. As you see a lot of them suffer from imposter syndrome, meaning they can’t fully teach you a method they didn’t create, so they try to make a similar one which will only make it weaker. Let alone most of them have not met Mystery and Beckster in person. As you know they have made the most masters in this field. So come to the source and NOT only learn the true way of Mystery but also experience the newest version: Mystery 2.0.

On top of that Beckster will also teach you his tried and tested (and regularly updated) Supernatural game (SNG). Which synergizes perfectly with Mystery 2.0, as they have linked their games together this past decade. They both refer themselves as Supernatural Gamers.

So what is Beckster’s Supernatural Game (SNG)? The essence of it is combining the top Pick-up Artistry skills, with all other elements of lifestyle and what so-called “natural and authentic gamers” use. Mystery and Beckster headed themselves with top gamers all around the world and helped to enlighten as many of them (students/mentees) as they could on their decade-long world tour. Which made their game even sharper and MORE universal. And every city, they find some uniqueness in their game, that they can add to their powerful method and skillset. You’ll also find that Mystery and Beckster have full empathy, knowledge, and experience to help in all different hurdles you might have. Most people say to us that their game is the worst or that we have our work cut out training and evolving them. Note that we hear that a few times every Bootcamp, and yet we get success story and testimonials sent to us from students/mentees all over the world saying how they’ve got their new best life, or are now married with kids, or are dating the people they want to date, way better jobs, brave enough to start their own companies, better at interviews, get hardly any flakes on dates, and have a lifestyle they truly deserve, and sometimes better than they dreamed they could have. We find it fun when we bump into people we have trained, sometimes months or years later, and they’re hanging out with a beautiful social circle, and are travelling the world or are based in a different country, as they have been brave enough and have enough courage and conviction in their new life, to be able to make this all happen. And they look fulfilled and happy. Our recent example, was with a guy that took a Bootcamp in Barcelona, even though he was from Northern Ireland (because people who are training with us have to fly to the busy cities we work in for effective training). The training for everyone was massively successful and even captured by a camera crew (Netflix), where we unofficially competed against the top 30 in this community and got the best feedback. We then bumped into the northern Ireland student and he was living an amazing life in Kiev, Ukraine in the summer and somewhere different (but exotic) every winter. The reason being, he was going to where his lifestyle/game would get him the best results in the type of person he was attracted to and the type of lifestyle he wanted to have. Learning game and lifestyle methods will help you cultivate the life you want wherever you want as long as it’s not a warzone 🙂

Our ex-student then demonstrated to us in a bar in Kiev, Ukraine his game, which ended up in Mystery, Myself and him bouncing to a club with three of the hottest people of the opposite sex that we have probably ever hung out with these past years.

Volume 1- 3 – Mystery 2.0, Structure, Material, Delivery & The 5 Keys to Pickup Arts Mastery. 

Beckster Supernatural game.

Too much to divulge here however below is a small list to get you started:

  • How to get a quality girlfriend
  • Evoking emotions
  • Current emotional state 
  • The Power of kinesthetic 
  • How to get a person to treat you like a celebrity
  • The art of bragging without bragging
  • How not to be regular
  • Style and looking sexually available  
  • PUA Props, and how to use them. (Eg: how to use a scarf in ways to impress.)
  • Beckster’s 7 set dance moves, so anyone will think you can dance.  

Game on,


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