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1) BRIEF Student Introductions

2) Opening

a) Necessity – Why the man must Open

b) Indirect vs. Direct

c) Body Language – Posture, Angle, Distance between PUA and HB

d) Voice Projection

e) Example Openers

3) Attraction

a) Necessity – Why is Attraction Phase so Important

b) Pitfalls – Conversation that leads to Friend Zone

c) Boring vs. Exciting – Instigate, Tease, Calibrate with Cheeky Smile

d) Energy Levels – High, Self-Amusing – Game Yourself, not the Girl

e) Example Routines

4) Kino

a) Necessity – Why Kino is Required

b) Proper Kino Preserves Comfort, Do not be Needy or Creepy or Forceful

c) Kino Ladder

d) Example Kino Routines

5) Day1: Night Infield

a) Get you Approaching, Watching you and providing Meaningful Feedback

b) Demos from Beckster personally


1) Brief Field Reports

a) What Worked for You, what did not Work

b) What did you see Beckster do

c) What are your Small Baby-Step Goals for next weekend

2) Phone Game

a) Texting Rules

b) Phone Call Rules

c) Social Media Rules

3) Strip Club Game

a) How it is Different from normal Game

b) Pitfalls – Keep the Money in your Pocket

c) Routines/Gambits for Strippers

4) Your Home and Your Body

a) Best Pulling Location

b) Cleanliness and Personal Grooming

c) Make it an Enjoyable Place to be

d) Start Dieting and/or Working on Fitness

e) Update Wardrobe

6) Keeping the Momentum

a) Develop a Reasonable Schedule

b) Keep Moving Forward – Your Sleepiness on Friday Evening is your Doom

c) Stay Positive, Laugh at Rejection, Take Pride in Your Ability to Handle Rejection

d) Dangers of Reliance on Online Dating, Tinder, and Social/Work Circle

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