An Evening with Mystery & Beckster: Las Vegas | 2020 Game! (VAT Added at Checkout)

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You are invited to an Evening with Mystery & Beckster, as they will be discussing the Ideology of Mystery 2.0 and Beckster’s Supernatural Game, and why over the last ten years, they have redesigned their pick up to a more efficient, powerful mode/skillset of game. Also, how the game has become harder this decade, and how our technique has become better, to counteract the new age of lifestyle/game/dating in the last decade. In the last ten years, we’ve travelled to over 90 cities and hosted over 200 events. We’ve been around the world, collaborating with other PUA companies, helping them get on the right path with their game and attitude to the modern-day. So we’re incredibly sure we’ve seen far more than anyone in the industry and gamed through all generations of game and can show how you can adapt your skillset to any environment, as long as you apply the phases/modern teachings that we have kept close to our chest.

The event will be from 6-8pm. The last 20 minutes will include a Q&A session, followed by a short 15-minute opportunity to get pictures. Please keep your sensible questions for the Q&A.

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