You can find information about Mystery and Beckster’s bootcamps on this page, plus our evolve elite coaching programme to become an instructor, and our year long mentorship programme. Look out for our early bird tickets on some of our events. See what is involved in bootcamps at the bottom of this page. If serious about booking a bootcamp, our calendar and tickets are just below.

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Our boot camps include interactive seminars hosted by Beckster and the team, nightgame direction and practice in high end London venues, day game  in central London locations, both with realtime feedback and advice. Our boot camps are run in small groups with multiple trainers so there are plenty of opportunities for questions and tailored advice.

What’s Inside a Beckster Lifestyle Bootcamp?

The Ultimate 4 phase shift method from Beckster’s 21 years in game

Phase 1: The Classic
CBS = Capture, Bond, sex (Structured, canned method)
What does this entail in short:
Moving Through a solid canned structure of advanced multilayered openers, routines, and stories with spike, etc etc etc


Phase 2: Supernatural Game
Combining naturally seductive game with CBS

Phase 3: Semi – Rect Method (New)

C1 Intro & Basics

C2 The System

2.1 Capture, Bond, Sex

2.2 Capture

2.3 Bond

2.4 Sex

C3 Dating

3.1 Supernatural Mating

3.2 Texting

3.3 Dates

3.4 2 Lays A Day

C4 The 5 C’s

Learn the 5 C’s to becoming a natural

4.1 What Are They?

4.1 Confidence

4.2 Congruency

4.3 Calibration

4.4 Conviction

4.5 Courage

C5 Routines

5.1 Are You Following Me?

5.2 Bad Shag or a Cup Of Tea

5.3 100% Satisfied

5.4 Yoga Class

5.5 Fighting Over Me

5.6 The Engagement Ring

5.7 50 Shades Of Grey

5.8 Angelic Look

5.9 Good Guy, Bad Guy

5.10 Pink Shoes or Yellow Shoes

5.11 The 99% Opener

5.12 Do You Remember Me?

5.13 Cultured Opinion

5.14 Gliding Beauty

5.15 Richard Gere Shift

5.16 Leading Her Back

5.17 Phone Snob

5.18 Model Opener

5.19 10 Minutes, 8 Seconds

5.20 Intelligent Game

5.21 Lucky Break

C6 Kino

6.1 Touch

6.2 Sit Down Kino

6.3 Belly Kino

6.4 Boob Kino

6.5 More Kino

C7 Vocal Tonality

7.1 Voice Projection

C8 Techniques

8.1 Be The Natural

8.2 Retreat, Review & Refine

8.3 Girls Buying You Drinks

8.4 Mirroring

8.5 Handling The Group

C9 Logistics

9.1 Recap

9.2 Taking The Girl Home

9.3 She Has Work The Next Day

9.4 Sexual Pebbles

9.5 Signs That She’s Interested

9.6 Merging Sets

9.7 Isolation

9.8 Cold Reading Tips

9.9 Last Minute Resistance (LMR)

9.10 Texting Holding Pattern

9.11 Cheeky Routine

9.12 The Peace Opener

9.13 Mini Christmas Text

C10 Bonus Content

10.1 Live Your Life

10.2 The 1 Minute Egg

10.3 Why Are We Here?

10.4 Sharp Elbow Opener

10.5 Are You Coming Or Going?

10.6 Body Rocking

10.7 Story Creation

10.8 The Brighton Gypsy Story

10.9 Baked Beans Story

10.10 The Party Close

10.11 Who’s Got The Best?

10.12 Shoes

10.13 First Impressions

10.14 Using The Product Effectively

C11 Mindsets

16.1 The Methods

16.2 Direct

16.3 In-Direct

16.4 Semi-Direct

C12 Bonus Content 2

12.1 Smirking

12.2 Smirking Openers

12.3 Tip: Always Have A Lighter

12.4 Turning It Sexual

12.5 The 3 Criteria

There will also be Daygame & Nightgame instant feedback 3 times throughout the course we will go infield and practice live.


FEAR – Fear is your friend. Fear is an indicator. Sometimes it’s there to tell you what not to do, but more often than not it shows you what you should do.

SMILE – Smiling is vital! You’re far more approachable when you smile

BODY LANGUAGE – The way you hold yourself is important. Be the prize; be the thing they want to win.

SUCCESS -Q) What is your dream? What is your journey going to be all about? Everyone should all have a dream; you should know what you want. You’re a hell of a lot more likely to get what you want if you have a plan of what you want.

WOMEN – Women are emotional creatures. When you talk you need to add emotion, think emotionally not logically, we will show you how to do this.

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