These Bootcamps are designed to be the most immersive program which is specially tailored for whatever experience level you are, age (18+) and personality type. We succeed in getting the maximum results and improvement in the shortest time. We have taken 10,000s of students throughout our coaching lifetime and compiled the best knowledge into one ultimate live pickup crash course, tailored for the biggest problems the customers get in their mind and game. Of course, you can ask any question at any time for any particular problem, or as we call them “hurdle” to overcome. This programme will revolutionise your dating life, regardless of your situation. 


  • ‘I see girls I like a lot, but I don’t know how to get them into my life’

  • ‘I don’t know the signs to know when the girl likes me or to show her that I like her’

  • ‘When I talk to girls I am super awkward and don’t know what to say?’

  • ‘I’m afraid I will never find the right person for me’

  • ‘I don’t know any girl I like’

  • ‘I want to get my ex back, I ‘don’t know how!’

  • ‘I want to be the life of the party and create an amazing social circle’

  • ‘I always seem to get flaked or ghosted by girls, even on social media’

  • ‘I don’t know where to find the girl I really am into’

  • ‘I see other guys have so much success, I just don’t understand how’

At some point, everyone has struggled with their dating life.



The good news is, that it doesn’t have to define you! Being good with women is just like anything else – it’s a skill you can learn and develop.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have:

  • Rock-solid confidence (you need competence)

  • A perfect model-like face/body (all you need is calibration)

  • 6-ft in height (only structure material and delivery)

  • Expensive clothes and cars (100% false!)

We’ve coached students from all walks of life, most of them haven’t been in a desirable position/situation. This is a hurdle that can be jumped over. The real problem is when you have too many women in your life – we call this a quality problem!


Quick and simple, this program will revolutionize your life.

It doesn’t matter who you are and what level you are at with your dating life right now, after this bootcamp you WILL be exponentially better at attracting the women you want.


Here are some of the basics, before we move to more advanced topics:

  • Never running out of things to say
  • Approach girls
  • Build attraction
  • Use body language
  • Avoid the friend zone by showing interest in the girl
  • Tell if a girl is interested in you
  • Build sexual energy, without being creepy



Our program is unlike any other. We provide you with all the opportunties you need to guarantee results. Here are some of the things we do to ensure you make the most out of your bootcamp:

  • Demo with us – be a wingman and get instant feedback
  • You’ll get to know Beckster and his team personally and find out anything you want to know from their experience. 
  • We will give you the knowledge we’ve acquired over the years. You’ll learn what to say, the correct body language, how to attract and so much more!
  • We can give you live feedback on your performance, so you can master everything you’ve learned.

As dating coaches,  we are devoted to our students, and we will do everything in our power, to help you reach your goals.

About Beckster

Beckster has been at the forefront of the European Seduction Industry since 1997. Thats a whopping 20+ years of experience, in which Beckster has discovered, perfected and taught some of the most effective techniques in the industry.

It’s no secret, Beckster is one of the best dating coaches out there. Along with his friend and fellow wingman, Mystery, he’s taught thousands of students the skills he has aquired over the years. Beckster not only teaches dating, but also helps guys improve all aspects of their life, thus the name The Beckster Lifestyle.

He’s devoted and passionate, aiming to help each student to the best of his ability and always going the extra mile to get clients the results they deserve.


  • Note pad: So you can take notes/draw out examples.
  • Casual clothes: For the day time.
  • Smart casual clothes: To wear during the night. Can consist of a t-shirt with a blazer and smart black jeans (not baggy) or smart trousers.
  • Trim scruffy hair and facial hair: Sure you can still be successful looking messy, but if you don’t have to, why ruin your chances? Trim your hair, unless you have long cool hair like Mystery 🙂
  • Some cash: If you want to get food or drink in a place that doesn’t accept card. In some cases you might have to pay for entry to clubs. Usually, however, we are on the guest list and get in free.
  • Condoms: We like to play safe and keep everyone happy.

$50-$100 dollars a day will be plenty, some days we will spend nothing. It’s all subject to what we are doing on the day and where we are.

Can I drink alcohol on a program? We would prefer you didn’t drink ,but you can have the odd one or two throught the night when you join a table of girls or bring girls to our table.

Does your material work on anyone from any nationality?

We’ve run 100’s of bootcamps in over 80 cities, and we have yet to find a place in which our methods don’t work.

Is my name confidential when I attend the program? Yes everything is 100% confidential, your name, email and all other credentials are not and will not be shared with anyone.
What happens if I want I want a refund? We have a refund policy, however to be applicable you must attend the whole bootcamp and follow all of the coaches instructions, don’t worry none of it is illegal.

What happens If I can’t attend the bootcamp or I need to reschedule?

Give us a call, hopefully with enough forewarning we can reschedule you. However, sadly we can’t give you a money back guarantee.

Can we ask questions on any topic during the Q&A session of the bootcamp? Yes, totally. As long as its legal and ethical, we are happy to answer your questions until you’ve got an answer your happy with.

What sort of payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by bank transfer, paypal or cash. We can provide you with a written or emailed reciept.

Can I pay in installments? Yes, you can. However its subject to course, discression and evaluation. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us.
You can click here , to book an Airbnb, which would be the best option. We will always be staying in the heart of the action, but feel free to ask us about the area if you need to. You’ll recieve an email with bootcamp info along with your complimentary e-book. That should give you all the information you need to know about the area.

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