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5 Day Residential 2021(any one)

The Beckster Lifestyle Residential is a 5 day, 50+ hour intensive attraction acceleration package that will provide you with theoretical and practical training in the areas of dating, attraction, and seduction.

Each day of the Residential is being split between day time and night time attraction training, done with a combination of seminars, infield training, and debriefs.

Bonuses if you purchase the Residential:​


5245 GBP

(Virtual!) 5-Day Residential             2021(any one)

You will be getting 5-Days of true and true Residential experience. Yes, you won’t get to come to the infields, but you will be able to join the seminars and debriefs, and you’ll be given homework and missions.


You will be treated like any other students. We will go through your material, delivery, and will track your progress over the event.


1570 GBP

 3-Day Bootcamp 2021                       (any one)

A Bootcamp is 2-3 days of immersive in-person training, 

consisting of seminars in the morning, where you learn the structure of Pickup, and infield at night, where you will hit the bars and nightclubs with Beckster to field test what you’ve learned during the day. 


You will learn to confidently open conversations with strangers, captivate your audience, and build a solid skillset to attract women into your life.

Instead of spending months or years watching videos and reading books, improve your game quickly by training, from a weekend to a full week, with one of the best Pick up artists in the world.

2590 GBP


               Zoom Masterclass Workshop

You have the option to chose from one month or 6 months of weekly live zoom calls with Beckster and a small, exclusive group of students.


A typical Zoom Masterclass lasts for about an hour and a half, and consists of Beckster covering a topic (eg: approach anxiety, how to deal with rejection...), going over the principles, tactics, and real-life scenarios of Pickup.  


Throughout the session, students can ask questions and share their experiences. We discuss everything: theory, technique, structure, material, delivery. This product is the next best thing to live training with a coach.


220 GBP/month

1049 GBP/6months

Bootcamp Bundle

The Master Bootcamp Bundle is a 40+ hours-long online training video bundle consisting of the new Mystery 2.0 and the Beckster Lifestyle techniques, brought to you on-demand to learn from anywhere, at any time, at your pace.


The videos come from recorded seminars of over 200 events in nearly 100 cities worldwide that Mystery and Beckster traveled to in the past decade. In it, you will learn The theory of Pickup, the phases of courtship and how to meet the objectives, the material to fill in the phases, the delivery of the material, and much more.



Bronze: 155GBP            Silver:260GBP                                 Gold: 523GBP