Mystery is SINGLE again!

 It’s been a very, very long time since Mystery was last single…

So I thought I’d bring him to the nexus pleasure dome.

And we want YOU to be our wingman.

As a part of our small group, you’ll wing with us, and we’ll game sets together.

All levels are welcome.

Whether you’re advanced or a complete newbie, you’ll get the same intimacy and personal attention from us. We’ll craft your unique and attractive persona. 


You’ll have Mystery and I by your side… guiding and supporting you every step of the way… set by set… even correcting between sets. This instant feedback means you’ll get good FAST. 

Join me and Mystery take you under our wing and put you on the path to becoming successful with women… 

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Author of "The Mystery Method".

The subject of Neil Strauss' bestselling book "The Game"

Star of the VH1 show "The Pick-up Artist"

Appeared on Conan O'Brien's Late Night Show, Cliff's Notes, Fox News...

Taught most of the well-known pickup artists (RSD crew, Neil Strauss, Cosmo)



First Pickup Artist in the UK.

Creator of "Supernatural Game" 

Ran London's biggest club promotion.

Trained many of today's best known dating coaches.

Early collaborator and friend of the world's most famous PUAs including Mystery, Ross Jeffries, Neil Strauss.

Appeared on BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic, The Sunday Times, Metro..


"We did a lot of grinding those 5 nights infield with Beckster and Mystery, and had lots of fun moments with our sets. The experience is still one of the highlights of my life. Beckster and Mystery put their entire souls into helping us succeed, guiding us, giving us feedback, demonstrating to us how and why their techniques work. What I love about them is that unlike other coaches in the industry I have worked with, they genuinely care and want to see their students succeed. I've used and still use the skills I acquired on the Residential on my everyday life, from my personal relationships, to my dating life, to my social and business networking. I suggest this residential for those of you who are weak and insecure in your socializing skills".

Matthew Barton



Bucharest, Romania

With Mystery & Beckster

Grand Master Coaches

Masterclass: 23 - 25 August

Residential: 22 - 25 August


Belgrade, Serbia

With Mystery & Beckster

Grand Master Coaches

Masterclass: 26 - 26 August

Residential: 24 - 28 August




Antalya, Turkey

With Mystery & Beckster

Grand Master Coaches

Masterclass: 2 - 4 September

Residential: 2 - 6 September