Paul the Trigger

Master EECP Coach

Beckster HQ, London, UK [UK]

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Cheeky lothario, who is about working the skills of pick up into your life – thusly creating a lifestyle that ensures the art of seduction happens any time or place, day or night.


“Hey I’d just like to recommend Paul for doing PUA bootcamps in Liverpool, I’ve done 2 weekends and its been a fantastic journey and awakening to the world of pickup. I was completely new to game and Paul has helped me in openers.. spikes and number closes. I’ve really enjoyed the weekends and although tough.. i think its been a great stepping stone to a new world. Second weekend i approached and took someone on an instant date.. which was all new to me :P. Outside the bootcamps i’m still grinding and doing sets when i can. I never used to know how to open sets.. never mind groups! But its all become easier with each set i do!
Aside from game/ bootcamps Paul is a fantastic guy. I can tell he’s genuine and helped me as much as he could. I’m now dating a 21 year old student from Leeds university who i met doing day game- awesome
Cheers Beckster/ Paul”
– Luke Metcafe