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From Beckster

Johnny Strong is a serial dater, loves Daygame and Gutter Game as we call it. He loves to street attract women and go on instant dates. If you want that under the radar guy vibe with an a killer game plan, Johnny Strong will take you through the steps to attract and meet that cute girl on the street or in a shop you have been looking for. Lovely personality. Johnny will make sure your happy by the end of it as he’s always happy when inset (talking to girls) and teaching what he loves to do himself.

From Johnny

My name is Johnny Strong I have been doing game since 2015. I was always the typical shy kid in school that could never get a girlfriend or even get a date. By the time I finished university I decided that it was time to do something about my lackluster dating life. I began day game with little to no experience on how to talk to girls. The first 200 approaches were tough, there were many terrible attempts at flirting and being funny. Eventually, I noticed a gradual trend, the interactions became more playful and girls were beginning to engage more in the conversation. Girls began to give me indicators of interest and show more interest in me, in some cases, they would ask me for my number. By 2017 my day game because so strong that was having to date up to three girls in one day. I then decided to tackle night game, and the skills that I had learnt helped me keep the conversations fun and interesting. The major difference for me during day game and night game was I could be far more direct and eccentric. After experimenting with various techniques and getting very harsh blowouts at the bar and on the dance floor, I was able to develop a method that shows dominance and builds attraction fast with. I now implement that pick up theory into my interactions in a way that seems natural and shows my best characteristics. Since then I have had the luxury of dating the type of girls that I have always wanted.

Normal style with a slight Edge.