Dave Barry

Qualified EECP Coach

Los Angeles / Global, USA [USA]

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Personal Life

David Barry was born in Pittsburgh, America
On several occasions dating back to 2003, 2007, and 2009, Dave announced that he had become a father. His love for his children and all children has recently allowed him to step father another daughter in early 2015 when he met his current girlfriend Kate and this past summer rescue 2 children who were born in the Congo Republic from a very bad situation and take them in as foster children making the total of 6 children.
His hobbies include traveling, workout, and spending time with family and friends closes to him.

Pickup Artist Career

David Barry (Barry)’s interest in pick up artistry began when he was cheated on by a long-time girlfriend and mother of his 3 birth children with a close friend in 2011 back when he was investing in Real Estate flipping house. Barry was not able to cope properly with the break-up. Reaching his ‘breaking point’ and suffering depression, he turned to pickup.
A few months later in 2011, Barry met and became close friends with James Matador of the VH1 pickup artist co-star and decided to be a part of the pick-up artist community. He assumed the alias of “Barry”, as a nickname from a Real Estate ex-business partner who referred to him as Barry that he quickly became what he is known as in the community today while living in LA for a few years and winging for James Matador who taught him the mystery method inside and out.
Barry (as he was known) quickly became known as Matadors student and wing started helping Matador teach bootcamps for the Venusian Arts. While he spent most of his time learning from Matador he got to meet a lot of the major names in the community such as Mystery, Beckster, Arash Dibizar, Lovedrop, Kosmo “winner of the VH1 pickup artist show” , Johnny Soporno, Tyler Durden, and many others honing his skills as a pickup artist going straight into the field trialing, and testing everything he was learning. In late 2016 Barry started talking with Beckster about coaching with him and mystery. In 2017 Barry started traveling all over Europe to teach coaches and students of The Beckster Lifestyle. Barry has also been filmed while doing so in the upcoming Netflix documentary on pickup featuring Mystery, and Beckster. Barry’s teaching style is inspired by the mystery method like his mentors Matador, and Mystery while following their advice and tips with high emphasis on Body Language, direct game, attractive characters and behaviors, and physical escalation. He also provides coaching on health and fitness, business processes and development as well as life coaching.
Want to get good at pickup? Meet Barry!! He has trained dozens of students and coaches all over the world in the art of pickup.
“If you have nothing in your life that others will find attractive your not living the life you deserve!”