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Head coach of USA

When I found the dating/pickup scene 11 years ago, I already had a lot of “natural experience”. I was very social, played sports, partied, and I had my first “experiences” with girls at a young age. In my early 20s, I was going through a tough breakup. The only girl I ever loved until then, broke up with me and no matter what I did, I couldn’t win her back. I eventually turned to Google: “How do I get my ex back?” As I started searching, I realized there was quite a bit of information out there and I got sucked in! For those that have been “sucked in” you know what I mean!

I knew if I combined my natural skills with structured game I’d be unstoppable. I took in all the info I could and went out and applied it. I recognized quickly that I was probably more qualified to coach than many of the guys already doing it. I didn’t want to be another guy that read “The Game” and then 6 months later was on a stage talking about how he “transformed” his life, though. I wanted to be the real deal! So I spent a solid 4 years honing my skills. The Mystery Method was my favorite source of information. Guys like Beckster, that were aligned with Mystery, were also guys I learned a LOT from!

I immediately became the go-to for everything at the first company I worked at, realized I could do just as well on my own, and broke away to start coaching for myself. While I was happy on my own, I began having the desire to reach out to some of the guys that had inspired me. Naturally, I wanted to reach out to the best! So I contacted Mystery and Beckster! To demonstrate how serious I was, I signed on for a bootcamp in Finland to sharpen my game, get consulting on my business, and to see if working with them was possible. After talking to Beckster about the Evolve Elite Coaching Program, I knew it was for me and I signed on!

What makes me a good coach, is I’m always a student first. My skills are constantly being sharpened. I also place a strong emphasis on integrity, without compromising results. Cold approach pickup skills and social skills can be used to manipulate, or they can be used to enhance your life and the lives of those around you. I genuinely care about the guys I work with. I think a man’s love life and sex life is sacred and when a guy hands his money to me, it’s a transaction I take seriously. I get a great amount of satisfaction knowing that I’m helping someone improve their life.