Desert in Dark


You've made it!, ... Beckster here, 

I have never seen Pickup being more relevant to people than it is now. This world is more connected than ever before and yet at the same time it is lonely as hell. Sometimes I ask myself: if schools can teach the next generation of people only one thing, what would it be? What would add the most value to your life? What is the most universal skill-set that is crucial for us to survive and thrive in this everchanging, chaotic, turbulent planet we call Earth?

Don’t waste your chance to practice the most important skill available to humankind – Game! I believe this is the best time for you to practice the essential structure and material that will skyrocket your game to the next level. When this standstill blows over, you will be able to apply what you've learned and excel in any social gathering.

Over the years of teaching Pickup, I have seen many unbelievable personal transformations that started with simply saying ‘Hi’ to a stranger and building a human connection. Your ability to attract the right people and navigate any social group is the key skill that will give you prosperity and fulfilment at any given time in history.

Pickup evolved from the underground community in California to the mainstream phenomenon on social media you see today. There are more people who know about pickup than ever before. However, the overall quality of knowledge remains shockingly primitive; it is poor to the point that some people even consider it evil.


Therefore, I am opening up my greatest gift, deepest wisdom, and incredibly rich experience to the world because it needs it more than ever before! Pickup is the remedy to most of your problems and will be at the core of your life-long self-development path. Don’t fight it, just accept it and join us on this exciting journey.


My epic wingman Mystery and I have taught thousands of students in over 90+ locations around the globe. We have been on an epic decade long pickup adventure that has been largely recorded, edited and brought to you on-demand whenever you want. 

We are proud to bring you The Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle, featuring the brand new Mystery 2.0 and The Beckster Lifestyle Techniques. The Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle is a 40+ hours long collection of videos spread across three volumes (which we have titled: Walk, Run and Fly).


We are also giving away a limited time free taster video titled: The Five Levels of Game which you receive upon signing up. 


$125,000 worth of Masterclass seminars and events with Mystery 2.0 and the Beckster lifestyle in this Bundle!

The teaching you’re getting in this bundle is something you won’t be able to learn anywhere else. Mystery 2.0 and The Beckster Lifestyle Techniques are two of the most legendary methods that have been fused together to bring you the greatest shock your mind will have ever experienced. Mystery 2.0 has been a closely held secret. What was previously available to only a handful of selected individuals is now given to you.

If you have questions send me a message with your WhatsApp number, country code and city. We will get back to you to help.

Love and respect


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