A Few Thoughts on Rejection and Regret

Just a few thoughts of mine why rejection is so much better than regret.  

How honest should you be with her?

One thing that I used to do back in the day was tell girls what they wanted to hear. What I mean by this for example I things like if the girl asked you what you are looking for, I would think that she wanted to hear that I was looking for the one, I […]

Your Style, Your Control – Raise Your Game By Improving Your Fashion

There is not much things in this life that we have much control of, but your style is one of those things. Too many times have I seen a group of guys who are all dressed in that classic combination of boring..* Now this might change if you go to a nice bar, but on […]

Breaking Eye Contact – Just As Important As Making It

We’ve all heard, a million times over, that strong eye contact is one of the keys to building attraction with a woman.  Rightly so.  There’s truth and science that backs up the power of eye contact to create attraction and a rush of butterflies.  If you’re a guy that’s shy around women, you need to […]

Keep Calm and Listen…

After recently giving a coaching session to a client during the day, a pretty obvious sticking point of his kept rearing it’s ugly head…. he simply wasn’t listening to what she was saying. He would tie himself in knots by either making endless assumptions, or go into boring  interview mode. This resulted in the girl […]

How to beat approach anxiety.

One of the first things that gets in the way of guys being able to attract women is that got wrenching feeling full approach anxiety. They see a beautiful woman and feel crippling fear that feels like you’re just not able to get past it. For some people it wins with deciding not to take […]

Opener, the right attitude to have

In her book “Presence”, Harvard Business School professor Amy CUDDY says people judge you and quickly answer two questions when they first meet you: Can I trust this person? Can I respect this person? Here are 9 main points to ensure you open a set correctly: To be the best when you open a set, […]