How to avoid the friend zone

When a woman meets you she will categorise you into one of two areas in her mind, one is a potential suitor and the other is a friend who was useful to her in some capacity. You need to make sure that you express your intent subtly or directly if the moment is right so […]

What if she thinks that you are boring?

Usually this means you are stuck in the nice guy trap! This would mean that you are being too nice and not sparking the animalistic part of her where interactions with sexual undertones are exciting and get her heart racing. If you’re just going through the motions of very general boring conversation rather than how you […]

How to get her to listen to you

Imagine if you were a girl of 25 years old. You have probably had about a decade of men trying to hit on you. If you are a very attractive woman you may well have guys hitting on you 15 times a day so this means that in her life she has had over 50,000 […]

Why sleazy and creepy is bad and how to avoid it.

It is interesting how close being respectful and too respectful is. If you’re too respectful you can idealize a woman which can means that you feel too compromised to advance on her because you might feel that you are being too disrespectful. Respectful to extremes. The guy will often try to be the savior for […]

What makes you attractive

As you are dating girls one thing that is really useful to find out is what it was that attracted her to you. Over time you can start to build a picture to see if there are any commonalities with what things you said or things you are doing that get the girl. Once you […]

Use what she say against her

Sometimes to maintain integrity women will tend to say things which are very stock answers to your advances so that she feels like she is not giving herself away too easily. As being considered a slut is social suicide for women, they will go out of their way to avoid such things, they will blame […]

Radical Self Confidence and the Friction It Can Cause

This post is going to sound arrogant… Oh well…    I’ve reached a level of self love and self confidence that’s off putting for some people.   It’s not an unhealthy self love or self confidence. It’s not foolish overconfidence either. It’s the result of extreme highs and extreme lows. It’s the result of pushing […]


STEP ONE: Get a Santa outfit and put it on (Can be done without Santa Outfit but better with one). STEP TWO: Pick your location, ideally a club or busy street. STEP THREE: Say these things to people: Opener 1: Ho Ho Ho/Hoe Hoe Hoe, oh sorry I thought I knew you (you can say […]

Why you SHOULD start approaching groups

After a very interesting night out in the thick of it. There was something that stuck out in my mind. The amount of guys who completely ignore the group dynamic when approaching women. Let me set the scene from what I saw  last night (and every night I go out) – a random guy going […]

Starving Negative Thoughts

Your emotional state is an important thing to learn to control.  It takes time to learn to do so, and to a certain degree, we’re not entirely in control of our emotions. If someone is about to attack you or one of your loved ones, go ahead and try not to get an adrenaline rush!  […]