Controlling Behavior – Unhealthy, Transparent, and Unattractive

Being controlling is a HUGE deal breaker, for both men and women. There is a fine line between wanting to influence someone in a positive way and wanting them to behave in a way that is pleasing to you.   There’s nothing wrong with challenging someone, bringing out their best, persuading, influencing, and inspiring.  There’s […]

Social Pressure Exposure

Do you want to be able to lift heavier weights?  Well, then you have to, gradually, expose your muscles to heavier and heavier weights. Do you want to be able to handle greater levels of social pressure?  Well, then you have to, gradually, expose yourself to greater and greater levels of social pressure. Do you […]

Good Posture – Health Indicator

Good posture is important for a variety of reasons.  It’s good for your overall health and well being, of course.  It’s also a physical and mental health indicator to women, though. Consciously or unconsciously, women are drawn to men that stand with good posture and carry themselves well. There are three keys to standing with […]

How Do I Reduce Flakes?

Q: How do I reduce flakes?   A: You build a solid connection with her before getting her phone number. You don’t go for the phone number as soon as possible. You don’t ask her out as soon as possible. Exchange some texts. Send her a voice recording telling her a random story.   Don’t […]

Let the journey BEGIN

After another successful bootcamp, on starting another guy on his journey, it got me thinking on how I started my journey. I can’t say that I was a bit of wall flower on starting out, as I have always been a bit social and extroverted. However, after years of being overweight and having bad reference […]

Thoughts on GOOD game

Just a little chat on game in general  

Sometimes They Just Disappear

Sometimes someone disappears from your life and you’re not completely sure why. It can be frustrating, but it’s part of the game.   If you reach out and try to contact the other person and they stop responding to you, let them go. You can try reaching out to them at a later time after […]

Great strategy for a date which can lead to sex on the same night

Okay so I discovered the strategy a number of years back and it works really well, it’s just a case of acting like you didn’t plan it. See you invite the girls round to meet you at a certain time and say that there is some way that you guys are going for a drink. […]

Why dating multiple women is a good thing

By dating multiple women at any one time your focus is split and not all on one person, it takes women usually a little while to be able to really start liking and feeling something for somebody so women assume the guys are the same. Girls don’t really tend to assume that men can look […]

How to flip the game

Most guys will spend their time chasing girls thinking that they have to make all the effort and she has to make none. This part now is important… Women will not respect anything that they have unless they have had to work for it. So you need to make sure that you get her to […]