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Let the journey BEGIN

After another successful bootcamp, on starting another guy on his journey, it got me thinking on how I started my journey. I can’t say that I was a bit of wall flower on starting out, as I have always been a bit social and extroverted. However, after years of being overweight and having bad reference […]

Thoughts on GOOD game

Just a little chat on game in general  

Why you SHOULD start approaching groups

After a very interesting night out in the thick of it. There was something that stuck out in my mind. The amount of guys who completely ignore the group dynamic when approaching women. Let me set the scene from what I saw  last night (and every night I go out) – a random guy going […]

A Few Thoughts on Rejection and Regret

Just a few thoughts of mine why rejection is so much better than regret.  

Your Style, Your Control – Raise Your Game By Improving Your Fashion

There is not much things in this life that we have much control of, but your style is one of those things. Too many times have I seen a group of guys who are all dressed in that classic combination of boring..* Now this might change if you go to a nice bar, but on […]

Keep Calm and Listen…

After recently giving a coaching session to a client during the day, a pretty obvious sticking point of his kept rearing it’s ugly head…. he simply wasn’t listening to what she was saying. He would tie himself in knots by either making endless assumptions, or go into boring  interview mode. This resulted in the girl […]