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Controlling Behavior – Unhealthy, Transparent, and Unattractive

Being controlling is a HUGE deal breaker, for both men and women. There is a fine line between wanting to influence someone in a positive way and wanting them to behave in a way that is pleasing to you.   There’s nothing wrong with challenging someone, bringing out their best, persuading, influencing, and inspiring.  There’s […]

Social Pressure Exposure

Do you want to be able to lift heavier weights?  Well, then you have to, gradually, expose your muscles to heavier and heavier weights. Do you want to be able to handle greater levels of social pressure?  Well, then you have to, gradually, expose yourself to greater and greater levels of social pressure. Do you […]

Good Posture – Health Indicator

Good posture is important for a variety of reasons.  It’s good for your overall health and well being, of course.  It’s also a physical and mental health indicator to women, though. Consciously or unconsciously, women are drawn to men that stand with good posture and carry themselves well. There are three keys to standing with […]

How Do I Reduce Flakes?

Q: How do I reduce flakes?   A: You build a solid connection with her before getting her phone number. You don’t go for the phone number as soon as possible. You don’t ask her out as soon as possible. Exchange some texts. Send her a voice recording telling her a random story.   Don’t […]

Sometimes They Just Disappear

Sometimes someone disappears from your life and you’re not completely sure why. It can be frustrating, but it’s part of the game.   If you reach out and try to contact the other person and they stop responding to you, let them go. You can try reaching out to them at a later time after […]

Radical Self Confidence and the Friction It Can Cause

This post is going to sound arrogant… Oh well…    I’ve reached a level of self love and self confidence that’s off putting for some people.   It’s not an unhealthy self love or self confidence. It’s not foolish overconfidence either. It’s the result of extreme highs and extreme lows. It’s the result of pushing […]

Starving Negative Thoughts

Your emotional state is an important thing to learn to control.  It takes time to learn to do so, and to a certain degree, we’re not entirely in control of our emotions. If someone is about to attack you or one of your loved ones, go ahead and try not to get an adrenaline rush!  […]

Breaking Eye Contact – Just As Important As Making It

We’ve all heard, a million times over, that strong eye contact is one of the keys to building attraction with a woman.  Rightly so.  There’s truth and science that backs up the power of eye contact to create attraction and a rush of butterflies.  If you’re a guy that’s shy around women, you need to […]