Every individual has a corresponding set of individual needs.

Some students are older, some students are younger, and some students want a particular type of woman. Likewise, there are some students who have already cultivated certain skills and want to work on filling in the gaps in other areas. We are equipped to handle the individual’s needs, and surveys students by email or phone prior to the program in order to prepare a program that is designed to fit their personal requirements.

Beckster has been at the forefront of the Uk Seduction Industry for some 22 years now. During that time, as well as training most of the best known of the Uk Dating Coaches, Beckster has also become both a collaborator and friend to the most famous and illustrious of his worldwide contemporaries including Mystery (star of VH1’s ‘The Pick-Up Artist’), Ross Jeffries (inventor of Speed Seduction) and Neil Strauss (writer of ‘The Game’). In fact, it is fair to say that Beckster has become somewhat of a seduction legend; a guy sought out by the those ‘in the know’ who want to reach the next level or by those already there who want to find out just how good they really are.

Furthermore, as a figurehead of the seduction community, and as well as countless appearances at dating seminars, Beckster has also been heard on radio shows from as far away as Scandinavia, read about in publications as varied as FHM, Metro, The Sunday Times, Scotland On Sunday and Mayfair, and seen on TV stations such as Netflicks, Canal+, MTV3 and Current Tv. He also famously had a starring role in CH4’s acclaimed documentary ‘The Rules Of Seduction’ and is set to appear on Primetime American TV in the upcoming National Geographic Documentary ‘How Sex Works’ – an updated version of an earlier pilot he had filmed for BBC3.

The Beckster Lifestyle is a collaboration between a small group of specialists who display extraordinary gifts within the areas of confidence, social skills, attraction, style, dance, dating and seduction.

More specifically, we are a close-knit family of like-minded individuals with a passion for the fulfillment of potential; be it in ourselves or in those who entrust us to guide them.

We just looked around one day and saw an industry that was failing both itself and the people it was claiming to help. An Industry that seemed to revel in its negative publicity and its niche following when really it should have been striving to make its services valued by all and accessible to everyone.

The Beckster Lifestyle then, in essence, was formed in response to the business-like conveyor belt attitude that seems to be prevalent in the dating and seduction industry. Of course, we know all that businesses need to make money, and that life-changing expertise carries its fair price, but surely the lives that are being changed should be more than those of the company CEO?

And YES – Beckster does teach at his Bootcamps and Residentials!

Our mission is to change attitudes and to undo some of the bad work that has been done by others; to tear away the ugly mask of trickery and manipulation, and to make the pursuit of your most attractive self-something that is thought to be attractive in itself – as it should be.

We believe that everybody has the right to be the very best that they can be, but more than this we believe that once we have taken on the responsibility of helping someone, then we must morally have an obligation to see that they succeed – at least to the best of our abilities.

We offer many different types of training via our worldwide intensive 1 and 2 day Bootcamps. These usually take place over a Saturday and Sunday or whichever days the weekend falls upon in your particular country.

We also offer the longer and more intimate 70-hour live-in Residentials (usually for 1-2 people) which are typically centered around London right now, but as well as being open to any offers of accommodation elsewhere, we also have our own plans for future worldwide expansion.

In addition to making appearances in the group events, our instructors are also all available for private one to one sessions. Bear in mind though, that as well as the ability to train you in the overall art of attraction and seduction our team has a wealth of individual knowledge that covers the more specific areas of social skills, confidence, fashion and dance – so please feel free to put them and their abilities to good use

Full details of all our options can be found through the menus above, the various banners on each page, or, in the case of individual specialties, the instructor bios under coaches page.

For me this is where a lot of companies miss-sell their services. There’s no one-size fits all, there is no blanket makeover, where you will be in terms of development at the end of your training really is, before we have ever met you, an impossibly hard question to answer with any honesty.

We would like to believe and have proven with 100% success in the past that our Pickup Bootcamp will exceed all expectations. We have even, by his own admission, done more to help one guy in 5 hours of training than 5 years of counseling had done before us. We can also say with total certainty that the longer you spend with us the more chance there is that a deeper change will occur.

Indeed, given time, we truly believe that you can all have the lifestyle you dream of, but how long this time will be we cannot say. But, for example, if you come to us as a man who has never spoken to a woman in his life, then realistically you probably won’t be spending the rest of your life sitting in a hot tub in Malibu surrounded by Go-Go dancers.

However, as a man who has lived his life a certain way you will no doubt have a very definite perception of the world around you, a map of reality as it were. We all have one, but none of us actually possesses an accurate one. No-one sees the world how it really is. And so for 100% of the guys who come to us the biggest thing they learn, and the very least that we promise, is that we will challenge your reality and leave you not actively seeking out proof that your map of the world was correct, but instead falling over hard evidence and solid reference points that will indisputably prove to you that your map of the world was very very wrong.

Right now you should just go and have yourself a good look around at the site. You know, check out all the links, read through all the frequently asked questions, metaphorically sweep away all of the dust and the cobwebs, explore all the nooks and the crannies and just make sure you like the cut of our jib before you book something up.

And if there’s anything else you need to know or if there’s something we didn’t explain so well, then feel free to contact us through the forms provided on most pages or more directly through the methods at the top of every page and we will endeavour to help you out as quickly and as best as we can.