Let the journey BEGIN

After another successful bootcamp, on starting another guy on his journey, it got me thinking on how I started my journey.

I can’t say that I was a bit of wall flower on starting out, as I have always been a bit social and extroverted. However, after years of being overweight and having bad reference experiences I was pretty terrible.  I was that guy who stood in the corner trying to look cool, expecting women to make the first move.  Like now, I understand that wasn’t the way to go.

So the journey for began back in 2016, when I felt the only way I’d improve myself was to take action. I was pretty clunky at the start, but after that initial phase I started to get into the rhythm.

Although, I was getting a bit of success, I thought I could do better. That’s when I met Beckster.
I thought Beckster was a natural fit for me, as he had a ‘cheeky’ personality that matched my own.

Like in London, Barcelona had all the same aspects. Learning to spark attraction in a groups, rather than single girls on their own. It taught me the importance of voice projection and making your presence known.

Another important aspect that was taught in London, like Barcelona,
was looking at the bigger picture. Rather than jumping on different girls and blowing out a room in minutes. Look to become the highest value person – make sure you are the OBSERVED and not the OBSERVER.

All in all, I hope to continue this up ward momentum into the future and  help many more guys achieve there goals.