How to flip the game

Most guys will spend their time chasing girls thinking that they have to make all the effort and she has to make none. This part now is important… Women will not respect anything that they have unless they have had to work for it. So you need to make sure that you get her to work to get you, to chase you. This can be done relatively easily by asking her questions like ‘when I first met you I wasn’t too sure about you but you’re starting to grow on me, what would be three things about you that would make me want to date you and they can’t be about your looks’.
Saying the things that girls say to guys back at them like, if she says something and makes a mistake or does something goofy you can say oh you’re losing me, you’re going to have to buy me dinner or wine and dine me to get me back. Or or well okay we can date but you’ll have to fly me around the world and buy me sports cars as I’m very high maintenance. These are playful things which said with a smile conveying that you were joking shows her that you are not serious but it’s the same language that she would use on the man to show him that she is potentially interested in him as you are with her. You are showing her that you’re not obsessed with her and willing to say things which could loose her so she’d best make some effort to get you and if she walked then you would have enough options to not be bothered. She will understand this and recognise this and see that you’re showing her that you like her because this is how she would go about letting somebody know that she likes them.