Great strategy for a date which can lead to sex on the same night

Okay so I discovered the strategy a number of years back and it works really well, it’s just a case of acting like you didn’t plan it.

See you invite the girls round to meet you at a certain time and say that there is some way that you guys are going for a drink. have somewhere in mind you can describe to her before hand. Say to her that it is somewhere near your house so if she comes to the door and rings the buzzer and waits at the gate then you will come out and you will go there straight away. That way she doesn’t feel like she’s coming round to go into your house, you’re meeting at the bar she’s just picking you up on the way.

When she arrives and buzzes you say I’m just finishing a phone call, come in, I’ll be three minutes then we’ll go and just buzz the door so you don’t give her chance to say no. Then when she comes in you have half a glass of wine poured for yourself and you say to her so sorry just give me three minutes and I’ll finish my call and wine and we’ll head straight out, leave her in the living room and pour her half a glass of wine next to yours to the same amount.

Go off to your room and spend two minutes pretending to finish off a phone call (you can talk to a buddy or act it). You want to leave cool things in your place for her to see or play with, music on in the background, puzzle games or one of the best is colouring in books with crayons on the table part done. If she asks you can explain you have a friends kid who comes round a lot or a neice etc and you have stuff for them to play with (shows you’re good with kids etc). Women always usually are playing/colouring in when you come back into the room. It starts a nice conversation off. PS Have your place, clean, tidy, smells nice (this is important, have scented sprays, incense, air freshners etc to create the right atmosphere etc), has interesting wall art. Basically everything in your place should be setup to help a women into bed with you. Everything should have a story in your place, ornaments from an adventure somewhere, wall art which is showing something which is a passion of yours you can talk about. Something which starts off a story about something. Just expect that the moment you walk out of the room and leave her there she will be looking around at the very least but more likely sneakily tearing the room apart and going through drawers to find out more about this strangers house she has just walked into. Looking for red flags etc. There should be nothing which gives her any of these and only things which help your cause and give her a snapshot into your life.

Come back into the living room where she will have had chance to have a look around at all the cool stuff that you have laid out conducive with pick up.
Pick up a glass of wine and sit on the sofa with her but not too close (important as if she is in here part of the work is done, but she will not be in the same headspace you might be in right now, you will need to give her distance, more than you think she might need, so that when her body language turns to you and leans more in as she starts to get invested you can respond after she does…there is more info on this throughout the site).  Apologise again for the call and say we will go in a moment. Then start telling her stories about some of the stuff in the room if she has been looking at or playing with something. There should already be some things which have stories that can be told to help display higher value and so forth. At some point once she is happy and feels invested mid a story you show her around your place, also make sure you show her your bedroom then she knows what she will be coming back to, but then continue back to the living room. You can tell her stories about the wall art you have, have a think about how you can link to another story from one to keep the dialogue flowing etc ‘I got this ornament this one time I was backpacking through Peru, I got this tatoo whilst on this adventure, this other scar was from this other thing that I did etc etc.
Part of the way through a story you can stand up and look like you’re getting ready to go and then when she responds to elements of your story sit back down like you’re demonstrating that you’re ready to leave and not holding her here but as she’s asking you questions it’s more like she’s holding you here but you can go if she wanted.
So if she seems like she wants to go you can head out to the venue knowing that she has seen inside your flat, knows where you’d be coming back to and is comfortable there. Sometimes she will just be happy enough staying here enjoying the wine and conversation and then want to escalate things you may never need to go out until breakfast the next day. A great thing is if she accidently leaves something there if you go out to the venue with you, don’t point it out until later on when you are at a high point in the conversation and getting along really well you can point out that something on her is missing, ask if she thinks she left it at yours. When she says maybe I have you can say don’t worry, you can collect it later on, if you’re lucky, depends on how hard she works lol. that way it’s playful, you’re already thinking about going back with her, using the frame that she’s the pursuer but she’s not quite won you over yet and she needs to work harder if she wants to get in your pants.

Many times this has worked and the girl has stayed till the morning so it’s tried and tested, the important things to remember are:-

  • she doesn’t know you so don’t pressure, don’t push, give her space at the start, act like everything is relaxed, normal, there is no expectation (don’t say it, just don’t act like there is).
  • distance when sitting next to her at the start
  • prepare your pad before hand so it’s clean (bathroom especially!!)
  • collect interesting things that can create talking points and stories (if anything is out which doesn’t do this bin it or hide it)
  • act out willingness to leave with body language
  • only move closer and facing body language once she does, don’t advance before she does in the start
  • once she does start touching her to gesture points so she gets used to it but don’t linger, touch her shoulder to make a point, then take it away etc
  • Act with body language etc that it’s assumed that you guys will be coming back together later.
  • take your time, remember that this is the first time a girl has stepped into a strange (to her) guys house who could be dangerous, give her time to adjust, decide that you are safe and don’t be in a hurry, focus on finding things out about her, having fun and things will just naturally develop.